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Remind me about those weak Motorola patents again

Apple's scorched-earth legal strategy to obliterate competition via the courtroom appears to be rapidly blowing up in the company's metaphorical face. Just in, Motorola got an injunction banning sales of the iPhone and 3G-capable iPads in Germany:

Motorola Mobility on Friday won a major patent infringement decision against Apple in Germany, a ruling that includes an injunction against the iPhone and 3G-capable iPads.  Motorola's victory relates to European Patent 1010336 (B1), entitled "Method for Performing a Countdown Function During a Mobile-originated Transfer for a Packet Radio System."

-Apple Insider, December 9, 2011

Seems like only yesterday when the Moto patents were being trashed as "crap" by M-CAM CEO David Martin. Maybe not so crappy now?

The ruling, which obviously can be overturned on appeal, follows several other Apple setbacks in courts around the world over the past week. In Australia, Samsung can start selling its Galaxy tablets after a previous order was lifted. And in the United States, a court declined to block sales of Samsung phones and tablets that Apple challenged via several patents, though Apple plans to appeal.

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