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The platinum age of tech blogging

Sarah Lacy, late of Techcrunch, fires back at web analyst Jeremiah Owyang's contention that the "Golden Age" of tech blogging has come to an end:

In many ways, professional blogging is just getting started. It's a time when new entrants are jumping into the field with bold, fresh ideas, standing on the shoulders of the blogging giants that came before, taking a second stab at reinventing the new media landscape. Look at what Bleacher Report has built in the long-neglected sports world, and what SB Nation is doing. Look at how the Verge (owned by SB Nation) is reinventing one of the oldest and most successful niches in blogging-- the gadget blog. And if you believe what you read, more new entrants are coming in the tech news category., December 28, 2011

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